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Terms of Use

§ 1 Terms
Through the website www.pilotenagentur.de, Pilotenagentur offers an online job-market for pilots. Pilots are able to submit their data anonymously to the database of Pilotenagentur. Pilots and flight operations that take use of this online job market are obliged to adhere to these Terms of Use. Contrary or general terms and conditions differing from the ones stated in this document are not valid.

§ 2 Specification of Services
Pilots may gratuitously submit their data into the pilot database via the input screens available. By entering specific search criteria, flight operations are able to merely inquire whether pilots meeting the criteria are available in the database. Only after the flight organizations register may they request contact information of candidates. Within the frame of an online search, personal data of the pilots is kept anonymous; information such as name, address, telephone number, fax number or other contact details will not be displayed. By submitting information to the online job market, pilots do not have any claims against Pilotenagentur for a certain execution or perpetuation of these service offerings. Pilots cannot claim that an access to the Pilotenagentur database is granted to them or to interested flight operations at all or at certain times of the day. In addition, applicants cannot claim that their data are displayed on Pilotenagentur’s websites in any certain way, manner or for a certain period. The applicant cannot raise claims against Pilotenagentur arising from the third party use of data submitted to the candidates’ database.

§ 3 Obligations of the Pilots
Each pilot is obligated to only provide information to the database that is in accordance with the facts. Pilots are further obligated to immediately remove their information from the database, if they are not or no longer available for placement or to maintain their data in such a way that criteria necessary for placement are fulfilled in any case. Every pilot is obligated to maintain only one profile in the pilot database.

§ 4 Obligations of Flight Operations
Flight operations are obligated to actively display every successful placement with Pilotenagentur that can be traced back to the service of this online portal.

§ 5 Delete and Block Possibilities
Pilotenagentur is reserves the right to exclude any candidate – with or without reason - from using the online portals, or to delete or block candidate entries and/or discontinue the online portal completely or partially. Pilotenagentur will particularly carry out blockings and/or deletions, if the applicant infringed upon the obligations described in the Terms of Use.

§ 6 Liability
Pilotenagentur is liable without limitation in cases of intentional and gross negligence of the company, representatives and agents, as well as in cases of damages to life, body or health. Pilotenagentur ´s liability is limited to contract-typical, predictable damages in cases of simple negligence for the violation of basic contractual duties. Apart from that, liability is excluded.

§ 7 Other
Should any part of these Terms of Use be or become invalid, the validity of the other regulations is not affected. German law applies excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Good (CISG).