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Our service to pilots

Our Mission:


Here at Pilotenagentur, we offer an opportunity for all pilots to register with us for free whether a current placement need exists or not.

You may register with us for permanent placement and/or contract work. Registered pilots will be available in our database to prospective employers of airlines and other flight operations.

A placement will take place as an agreement between both parties exists. Airlines using our search engines will not be able to view your personal data; instead pilots are listed under individual ID-numbers.

Placement of Jobs

If an airline shows interest in a pilot, we will first ensure that it is not his/her current employer. Only after this is confirmed will Pilotenagentur share contact information with the inquiring flight operation.

The entire process – including placement - is at no cost to our pilots. Pilotenagentur will receive a premium from the airlines at the time of contract.


In order to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of our database, we require all pilots to provide us with a copy of an active flight license along with the registration form.

The copy can be provided through fax or regular mail. (Pilots in training must provide a copy of their training certificate)

We ask for your understanding that we will only be able to enter your data into our database after careful investigation of this document. A similar verification process exists for our airline clients.